iSentia @ After5 – Beyond the Paywalls – the influence of digital media

Luke Allen, Commercial Director of iSentia gave a fascinating presentation at After5 on Tuesday 24 February 2015. He gave us an insight into the extent that the media has changed forever and how the delivery of news is rapidly changing with it.

Once there was just print, then came online, now news is often broken in social media. There is no longer a news cycle – it is simply a continuous process. This process raises the question – which media now sets the news agenda?

Luke’s talk was grounded in recent research that measures the extent of this change. Some of those findings are:

  • 25% of all the time we spend online in Australia and New Zealand is now spent on social media.
  • Women slightly outrank men as internet users (50.4% to 49.6%).
  • 25% of all the time we spend online is now spent on social media.
  • You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world, processing 3 billion searches a month.
  • Facebook convincingly leads Linked-in in terms of market penetration with double the number of profiles (58% to 29% of the Australian population)
  • Therefore marketing and communications managers regard Facebook as their most important channel (just ahead of Twitter and You Tube). But Facebook attracts the most marketing investment by far (81.2%)
  • The increasing use of social media by marketers is followed by journalists. 89% of those surveyed believe that social channels spread news stories more quickly than conventional news media and are actively using those channels.
  • Andrew Miller, CEO of Guardian News & Media says “Twitter is the fastest way to break news”.
  • 64% of Twitter users follow a professional news account.
  • 40% of journalists surveyed say that social media is very important to their work.
  • Social media is becoming less of a place to share photos and more of an essential business tool for communicating. Nearly 60% of respondents considered original written content to be the most important form of content for social media channels.  Visual content, both image and video, remains a highly active component of social media.
  • Not surprisingly then, 57.4% of organizations reported that they posted content to social media channels every business day and another 23% reported posting content once or twice a week.
  • It is now clearly important to monitor what is influencing traditional media through social channels.

The survey was based on a sample of 439 telephone interviews across a wide range of industry sectors conducted on 14 October 2014.

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