Two Great New Reports on the Value of Information Services available for Free

The evolving value of information management is an excellent report compiled by the Financial Times Corporate in association with the SLA. It is available for free in return for contact details from and differs from other recent reports in that it addresses the opinions of information providers  and also the views of senior executives (i.e. users) worldwide.    So it is not just addressing defensive strategies but  also the opportunities for information professionals to increase their relevance and value. The Executive Summary on pages 3 and 4 outline key points pertinent to all information professionals:

  • The organisational risk from users bypassing the information professionals,  the challenge for information professionals to demonstrate value  and  work in environments of declining budgets, IT investment and headcount.
  • Users frequently suffer from information overload and lack access to “decision-ready information” delivered quickly to them
  • Knowledge providers overestimate the level of value they provide
  • Executives however are willing to engage with information professionals over the next 3 years
  • One opportunity is to use “embedded” information professionals  which avoids the current library silo arrangements
  • Communication, understanding and decision ready information are the most important attributes.

Page 31 lists 12 tasks that are essential for modern information professionals.

Mary Ellen Bates wrote the second report for Proquest – From Information to Insights for Info Pros. This short paper  is also available for free from   Mary Ellen discusses tactics such as “Building information dissatisfaction” and  “Dare to compare exercises”  and she lists ”Tools for raising awareness”. These are useful reminders for those keen to demonstrate  the value of their services.

Elizabeth Swan

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