• Ideally top management should understand the role of a modern Special Library, how it differs from other types of libraries and how published information contributes to the operation of their organisation – whether that information is scientific or medical literature, legal information, business or management information, government documents or any body of professional literature.  This may require briefings from the Library Managers to their senior executives or articles in in house publications or on the library’s web page.
  • Management needs to understand that access to high quality information resources requires investment. So the function needs to be realistically funded, even if some cost recovery is considered a useful mechanism for evaluating usage.
  • The Library Manager should report to a senior person in the organisation – e.g. Strategic Planning Manager, Senior Partner, Officer in Charge, Director of Research and Development, Company Secretary,  Head of Corporate Services,  etc.  The ability of the Special Librarian to identify and deliver useful relevant information for decision making is completely eroded if the Special Librarian is kept in the dark about the major activities of the parent organization and isolated from the senior staff in the organization.
  • The Special Library should be consulted from the beginning of any major project to ensure the goal can be met with quality information on time.
  • Endorsement is necessary.  All professional staff aim to do as well as they can, to achieve promotions and to be recognised for their skills.  If they perceive the library is an afterthought or a storage facility and not a critical part of the organisation’s infrastructure, the library will be ignored and the Librarian undermined. If on the other hand the library is clearly endorsed and supported by top management, the library will be seen as a resource provided for all professional staff to use wisely.

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