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Robert Grundy

My Background

The first part of my career was in book publishing. I then applied what I had learnt there to online publishing, where I managed the pioneering AUSINET service for many years. Now semi-retired I am fortunate to be able to continue my involvement both with books and with online from time to time.

My Expertise

My expertise applied largely behind the scenes, helping to arrange venues and sponsors and making things proceed smoothly until I step out on tour to welcome delegates and introduce the speakers.

What I Am passionate About

I have an enthusiasm for discovering and exploring ideas. I am intrigued by facts and by the narratives that join them up to make sense. Every Web Search Pacific tour reveals new facts and new ways to find them.

The Difference I Have Made

I have helped Web Search Pacific stay on the road since 2007, taking the latest search techniques to wherever users may be. I am really looking forward to meeting up again with New Zealand librarians with their warmth and enthusiasm making up for the weather at that time of year!

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