Customised Private Workshops

Over the past 10 years there were many occasions when specific companies , government departments or other associations have needed to improve the search skills of a number of staff  or members and it has been more suitable to have intense, focussed, private workshops.

This means the workshop content can be tailored to specific needs and also it is possible for sensitive topics can be discussed and advice sought on the best way to locate the needed information .

These private workshops can be held on the clients’ premises. Requirements include:

  • A high speed Internet connection
  • Classroom style seating for delegates
  • Appropriate catering

Alternatively Web Search Pacific can arrange suitable commercial venues as appropriate.

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Staff from the following organisations have benefited from Web Search Pacific training.

Staff who would benefit from Web Search Pacific training include the following:

  • Analysis
  • Broadcasters
  • Business Planning
  • Client Services
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Fund raising
  • Health professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Information Sourcing
  • Journalists
  • Knowledge Management
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Poiicy Development
  • Public Relations
  • Recruitment
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teachers
  • Training
  • Web Marketing

Yes - anyone who needs to search the WWW to achieve their work goals!

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